What kind of paint do we use?

Dancing Armadillos knows how important it is to use only high quality and safe products because our art is being applied to the skin. We use only cosmetic grade products with our main brands of paint being Tag, Global, Diamond FX, and Fusion If you are interested we can send you a copy of our paint's safety data sheets.

Even with only using professional grade products that are made for the skin, we cannot guarantee that there will not be a reaction. Every person's skin is different and if you are concerned about the sensitivity of you or your child's skin, we will gladly provide a spot test on the back of the hand free of charge. 

All of our paint is water based and is easily removed with water. Some of the more pigmented colors might leave a  slight temporary color on the skin after removal. If this happens we recommend using something like a wet-wipe or makeup remover to aid in removal. Water based is great for clean up, but know that with excess perspiration or moisture, the design may start to run off.