Looking for a Face Painter?

What we offer:

There are two ways to hire a face painter from Dancing Armadillos.

By the hour: examples of this would be private parties, school/church events, or some fairs and larger events. The benefit of this is that guests at these events get painted for free, as we have already been paid by the host. 

By the guest: examples of this would be large public events like fairs, festivals, town/city events, and community days. In this case you would provide the space and we would have our design board with prices listed for different designs and each guest pays for their design. Make face painting the highlight of your next event!

Cost and what is included:

By the Hour: $90 for the first hour, $75 for every additional hour

When you hire a face painter by the hour from Dancing Armadillos, we come with a customized design board filled with designs to fit the theme of your event, and everything we need to make the face painting at your event a blast! In order to ensure designs to fit the theme of your event we need to get a confirmation at least two weeks in advance. Our set up time and take down time is not included in the paid time so we will be painting for the full time we are hired. Expect us to show up about 15-20 minutes early for  a private event. 

Special offers:

We love our Schools:

We offer half price for coming to school events for 2 hours or more for face painting! 

How many people can we paint in one hour?

One artist can paint approximately 15-20 nice sized cheek art designs in one hour, or 8-12 forehead or mask sized designs in one hour. These numbers are approximate and may vary. 

What we need to know:

  • Where (exact address not needed until confirmation, but town is)

  • When (date, time)

  • How many hours would you want the artist there

  • Type of event (birthday party, block party, etc)

  • Expected number of guests

  • Theme of event (if applicable) 

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