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Henna Services

Here is a brief description of the henna services we offer. Click on each image to read a little about each, or scroll down the page to read more in depth about each. 

Special offers:

We Love our Schools and churches:

We offer at 20% discount to schools when you hire us for a school or church event for 2 hours or more for henna.

Join Me in Aitkin

For a half hour session, lets grab a coffee and get some beautiful henna in Aitkin! A perfect amount of time for one larger hand and arm design, or 2 full hand designs.

For meeting me in Aitkin at a coffee shop for half an hour would be $35. 


Private Parties and Events : $95 for the first hour, $80 for every additonal hour

Hire a henna artist to come to your private event and you and your guests leave with beautiful designs to remember the night by. Perfect for birthday parties, graduations, girls nights and more. The size of designs people can get depend on how many people there are and how long we are there for.


A little tip: if its a smaller party, and everyone pitches in 10$ or so, it helps the price! 

For this option you will get a henna artist at your event by the hour, designs to choose from, the henna, glitter (optional), a lemon juice sealant, and wrap to help keep the paste on. Also provided is an optional 10 minuets outside of the paid hour where the artist can talk with the guests a little about henna. Expect your artist to show up about 15 minutes early to set up. 

Individuals : $80 per hour  

This is a great option when you want a large design as individual as you are, whether you are going on vacation, going to a fancy event, having a photo shoot, or just want a big beautiful design to show off around your hometown.

There are a few ways to hire an artist to give you a personalized design. 

  • Have an artist come to you:  Get adorned in the comfort of your own home. You can hire by the hour for this option,  or pay by design with the minimum size being a $40 design (the equivalent of a 20$ design on each hand or foot).  ​

  • Local Special: Check out our half hour special located near the top of the page. Otherwise if you would rather plan a meeting place instead of your home for any length appointment we can do that as well!

  • White Henna: if you haven't checked out our page on what is henna, it explains the modern white body art. This is a service we now offer by request, the cost is $85 per Hour.

* At this time, unless under special circumstances discussed with the artist, the in home options are available for women only. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.


Public Events : 95$ for the first hour, $80 for every additional

If you want a henna artist at your larger event, such as fair or festival; one way to hire us is by the hour. This way because we are already covered by the host, the guests get designs for free. 

An artist will come to your event with a book of our smaller sized designs and guests get to leave with a free henna! One artist can decorate approximately 20 guests per hour with this size of designs.  

Public Events : per person

Examples of this would be large public events like fairs, festivals, town/city events, and community days. If you do not want to hire us by the hour,  you would provide the space and we would have our design book with prices listed for different designs and each guest pays for their design. This is a great option if you want guests to be able to choose whatever sized design they want from our selection! 


Henna can be a beautiful part of your special day!

With bridal packages starting at $130, and White hennaglam starting at $150, you can have a beautiful unique accessory for your wedding day. 

Bridal packages include:

  • in person consultation

  • personalized design, created just for you with your style and personalized elements in the design. 

  • after care kit

  • sealant or wrap for the longest lasting stain possible.  

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